Board members


Chairman: Hee Suk Kim

Co- Vice Chairmen : Robert Lee. David Yoo

Senior Director : Suyon Yi, Esq.

Auditor : Taik Sik Jeong, CPA

Executive Directors : Howard Dukyu Park, Michael Son, Hyoung Gyo Kim, Francis Jin, Si Hwa Lee

Directors : Alex Lee, Jeffrey Kim, Michelle Ok Ja Lee, Jae Young Park, Eric B. Lee, Changrae Ko, Sarah Son, Joon Jae Bang, Young Chul Kong, Yonghwa Ha, John R. Buran, Steve Y. Kim, Jeong Mo Shin, Koren Dafni Kwag, Byunghee Ko, Stephen Choi, John H. Kim, Eun Hee Ha, Chel Dong Chang, Sung Ho Cho, Dohyung Kim, Min Jong Chang, Stephen oh, Ken Schaff, Joice Rhee, Kenneth D. Shin, Benjamin Chang, Thomas Yoon, Keven Lee, Chris Hwang, Chul Ho Chong, Steve Hong, Stephen Cha, Yong Kim, Aj Jin, John Won, John Kang, Chong Park, Jong Yong Il, Jong Yong Il, Daniel Han, Philip Hong, EJ Thorsen, Gap Soon Myung, Soo Geun lee, Yunmi Kim, Janet Han, Gee Hyun Chun

Biography of Chairman

Hee Suk Kim

Chairman, Board of Directors

Mike Kim is a self-made businessman who is also passionate about giving back to the society. His business, Shake-N-Go where he is a president & CEO, is one of the biggest names in the hair product industry. Mike’s participation in the Korean American Youth Foundation (KAYF) was based on his youth experiences. Coming to the US when he was seventeen, he had to start everything all over again in a new homeland. From that experience, he realized the importance of proper guidance and mentorship for young adults. He became Chairman of KAYF’s Board of Directors on January 2011, the position he had received for the greater achievement of the organization. Proud of his identity as Korean-American, Mike is dedicated to providing Korean American youth the necessary resources and guidance he felt was necessary during his own teenage years.