We exist to empower young Korean Americans to become socially responsible leaders who make a positive impact in their community.


In a culture when people are becoming more individualistic and divisive than ever, we need leaders who fundamentally want to give back rather than take. Someone who understands that their purpose is meant for something more than themselves. Someone who understands that the way they impact the world is to give more than receive, to have a singular focus and passion that underlies all their decisions and actions, and also have the skills and grit to be able to make their vision a reality. 

Because that is what it takes for change to happen. More than intelligence and skill, it take someone willing to empty themselves for a cause, for a belief, for a vision. It takes someone with a deep heart who sees and feels the world differently. It takes someone who is hopeful enough to see what is possible. 

It's not about measuring yourself on wins and losses or comparing yourself to the person next to you but on intent and effort. Being clear with yourself about why you do certain things and why they matter is crucial in being able to inspire and lead others.