Social Impact Leadership Academy (SILA/신라)

Target Group: 9th Grade-12th Grade

Bringing many of our past initiatives together, KAYF launched a unique four-year leadership curriculum in 2015, a comprehensive and intensive youth development program. KAYF created this program in order to provide opportunities that many 1st Generation Korean Americans could not receive. Our method and belief is leadership skills are best learned through actual leadership. Each SILA participant receives leadership training, then applies what they’ve learned by developing and leading a project with measureable community impact.

Once selected, SILA participants meet regularly through the academic year and learn leadership skills, research and identify community needs, assess their capacity and resources, then develop and lead projects that will maximize the positive impact they can make on their communities . Students also have rare opportunities to talk to prominent leaders, get out of their comfort zones, and form life-long friendships. The activities they undertake together are designed to expand their horizons, cultivate leadership qualities and build camaraderie, forging a new network of future Korean American leaders.

For many, participating in this program is an eye-opening experience that allows them to realize what they are capable of. SILA is the flagship program for the Foundation and promises to expand its capacity to reach out to even greater numbers of Korean American youth.