10/12-10/14 KICKOFF CAMP

During the Columbus Day Weekend, WAFL students headed to a camp in NJ. The annual Kickoff camp allows the new and returning students to meet each other for the first time and bond through team building activities, games, sports, and fun. It opens the program into a great start. We had activities like debate, talent show, KAYF x Shark Tank, a workshop with a Korean-American author Patricia Park, and games. The weather was amazing over the weekend and the students had opportunities to do rock climbing, high rope courses, archery and boating on a lake. The students had a great time working together and getting to know each other through camp. At night, they played card games, mafia and ate ramen and snacks. It was great to see the students challenging themselves to work in groups, stepping out of their comfort zone to speak in front of the public and overcoming their fears to do things they never thought of doing. The students took steps in becoming closer to a great leader.